Digital photography course

Starting photography on good bases


You are the proud owner of a digital camera (DSLR, bridge or hybrid)?
You would like to exit the mode of “fully automatic” and take control of your camera?
You want to make the most of your photos using the correct settings in each situation?

During this basic course, I will give you:

  • Tools to understand the functioning of a digital camera.
  • The means to leave the automatic modes and master the advanced functions of your device in order to give free rein to your creativity.
  • An overview of existing IT tools and make you aware of risks associated with digital photography.

Course content

  • A bit of history, from the first devices to the present day.
  • The basic principles of light and colors.
  • The operation of a digital camera.
  • Know your camera, or how to exit the modes “Full Auto”.
  • Practical work in the studio and outdoors.
  • The composition of the picture, reminder of the basic rules of photography.
  • The computer, software, law, and the web.
  • Constructive feedback, giving and receiving constructive feedback from your photos taken before or during the course.

Upcoming dates

  • 9, 16, 23 and 30 November 2019


12 hours (4×3 h)


8 participants max


310.- CHF per person

They took part in my course and talk about it

Below are some answers to the question “What are the strengths of this course?” (evaluations are completed anonymously).

  • I am really happy about the outcome of this course which gave me much more pleasure and willing to keep taking pictures... I will definitely recommend this course! Also I will come back .... Thank you very much!

  • Constructive feedback (possibility to present his work and to have an evaluation). Practical playful and educational work (give a goal and let us find the way to get there). Support very wel writen, easy to consult and practical!

  • Being able to switch from "automatic" to " full manual" and to know the essential of "his" camera in so few courses.

  • The alternation between theory and practice, feedback on our photos, diversified workshops. The teacher is very attentive to the participants

  • The combination of theory and practice. 3 hours of courses are perfect: neither too long nor too short. Even with basic knowledge of the photo, it was very interesting.

  • The atmosphere is very good and the course very well organised with super course support. I really liked the philosophy of this course and learned a lot about the subject being photographed, the importance of the moment.

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