Light up the portrait

Come and take turns in the role of the model, the photographer and the lighting designer


Are you looking to make beautiful portraits of your family or your friends?
Do you want tu use best advantage of the natural light that surrounds you?
Dou you want to play with light?

During this one-day workshop, I will give you:

  • Ways to enhance your friends or family members.
  • Professional tips for observing the light and getting the best out of it.
  • Simple ways to illuminate harmoniously your most beautiful subjects.

Course content

  • Theory about the photographic portrait.
  • Shooting in natural light.
  • Shooting in artificial light.
  • Photo selection and projection.
  • Constructive feedback and debriefing.

During this course, each participant takes turns in the role of the model, the photographer and the lighting designer.

Upcoming dates

  • 25 July 2020
  • 12 September 2020
  • 12 December 2020


6 hours


6 participants max


250.- CHF per person

They took part in my course and talk about it

Below are some answers to the question “What are the strengths of this course?” (evaluations are completed anonymously).

  • Thank you so much for the portrait course, I've learnt a lot, had fun and from now on I'll be more confident taking portraits! Strong points: - shooting part as inside of the studio as outdoors. - friendly atmosphere - Discussion part (useful remarks, advices, reflections)

  • The one-day course is an excellent formula, allowing time to both theory and  practice.

  • The technical aspects are well explained, which makes learning more effective. The results obtained with the use of flash, lamps etc.

  • A good organization, the availability of the teacher. The concept: studio + exterior and photographer + model

  • The quality of the explanations, tips, and small groups which promotes the good atmosphere and availability of the teacher for the participants.

  • I had exactly what I was looking for: a kind, attentive teacher, knowing the subject, and I excitedly removed what I had come from: an understanding of the basis of enlightenment for protracts.

  • Finally, whatever the workshop, it is the ease with which you are able to surround us so that the course takes place as each participant wishes. Amazing day! Great atmosphere! 🙂

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