Street photography

Photography challenges in a moving city


Do you like to travel and discover the cities of Europe or elsewhere?
Do you want to describe how you felt about the city?
Do you want to make the most of the situations encountered?

During this one day workshop, I will give you:

  • Ways to perceive the architecture of the city.
  • Tips for capturing snapshots discreetly.
  • A human approach to the city.

Course content

  • Theory about street photography and choice of subjects to be photographed.
  • Shooting in the streets of Lausanne.
  • Photo selection.
  • Constructive feedback and debriefing.

Upcoming dates

  • 21 March 2020
  • 13 June 2020
  • 26 September 2020


6 hours


6 participants max


210.- CHF per person

They took part in my course and talk about it

Below are some answers to the question “What are the strengths of this course?” (evaluations are completed anonymously).

  • The practical spirit of the teacher and his photographic knowledge. Interaction between our shots and feedback.

  • 1. Jean-Pierre Vicario: his availability, his expertise and his approach, which made me feel very comfortable.This was my first photo lesson and it was nothing" academic. The theoretical balance -practical was very good. 2. The size of the group (6 participants in total) made it possible to interact with everyone during the day and to create links during this course. 3. To force a little what I did not allow myself to do: to photograph the strangers passing by. It is a huge plus that I will keep from now on, I am sure. Thanks a lot for that! "

  • Make us observe what we did not see, discover (or rediscover) the city from another angle The possibility of practicing in a small group the theoretical elements communicated in the first part of the course. The availability of Mr. Vicario

  • -A very good organization -A very nice atmosphere -Many tips for framing and shooting -Great theme and good feedback!

  • The right balance between practice and theory Simple and very efficient course Thank you Jean-Pierre for this very beautiful day that allowed me to progress!

  • A warm and small group day, just as dynamic. Interesting to see a rainy morning and a sunny afternoon, contrast shows that by each time one can photograph. Thank you for the course !!

  • Finally, whatever the workshop, it is the ease with which you are able to surround us so that the course takes place as each participant wishes. Amazing day! Great atmosphere! 🙂

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