Your photo tuition specialist

in (French-speaking) Switzerland since 2008.

About J-P. Vicario

After being captivated by the fascinating world of photography as a teenager, Cartier-Bresson conveyed to me the meticulousness of framing and Steve Mc Curry opened my eyes to the colors of the world.

With these references, and with a Federal Certificate of Adult Trainer, I offer you simple tools to develop your creativity in the field of photography.

Today, at 50 years old, I combine two activities in parallel: that of adult trainer and photographer.

Trainer with a Federal Certificate : I have organized more than 150 training sessions and workshops in the French-speaking part of Switzerland for over 900 participants in French and English.

I am essentially devoted to both amateur and experienced photographers,  not only in technical and shooting fields but equally in reading and analyzing images.

Since 2009 I have organized and animated the photography courses for the Photo Club of Lausanne.

Photographer : I carry out various mandates such as portraits and reportages for associations or companies as well as photos of shows or concerts.  I execute personally all the steps of the photographic work, from the shooting to the delivery of the images.

I also offer photo workshops as team-building tools for local and international companies.

I have the privilege of being today ambassador for Fujifilm in Switzerland.  I organize sessions and workshops with other internationally renowned photographers.

I had the privilege of being ambassador for Fujifilm in Switzerland from 2016 to 2018. From now on I focus on training and coaching of photographers. I organize workshops or workshops with other internationally renowned photographers.

Need a photographer ?

Do you have a project and need a photographer?  Family or professional events to be immortalized? A photo report?  Family or business portraits?  You want to perfect your knowledge, to leave the automatic mode of your camera?